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Paint Defense is a color-based tower defense game where you have to micromanage a constantly evolving battlefield.

In this twist on the tower defense genre, tower choice and positioning matter more than ever! Certain enemies can only be damaged by certain towers, leading to a unique gameplay style with fast paced buying and selling strategy.

Music: antrikshmusic

Presskit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0tlqou1l93pxxuf/Paint%20Defense%20Presskit.zip?dl=0

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The game is free, but if you enjoy the game and it kills a few hours for you, consider paying for the game to help support me! It will be greatly appreciated!

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Fast-Paced, Pixel Art, Real time strategy, Retro, Singleplayer, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Any chance of Controller support for Android?

Unfortunately there will be no more updates to the game, sorry!


Even if its seems simple game is actually hard


great game


Great Game !

Good game, where you actually have to think about your next move. Each Level is difficult. I had some problem. I made a video if someone is interested:


es multijugador local? se pueden configurar los controles??

just from the trailer i know its a fun game already

I have an idea you could have paint blobs that are like green or orange with shield health 1 colour outer layer, another inner layer that would be pretty cool I played it on another device its fun

mac os version when


For Game Maker Studio, Apple doesn't let people publish to mac os unless they have a physical apple computer, unfortunately. If you would like to donate $2000 for an apple computer, i will look into it 😉

Deleted 1 year ago

thats expensive

i am keep looking for your upcoming concepts :)


Thanks for the support! I am probably done programming games for the near future as Game Maker Studio did a major overhaul update and I'd have to re-learn how to do everything. I don't have time for that, so I've been focusing on other creative outlets.

Good luck for that :)

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nice concept of the game, i like it, and  i also get some  help from the concept for my next games  thankuuu :)


I kept softlocking in tutorial, is there any way to fix this?

Haven't heard of this from anyone. Could you tell me more about what's happening?

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in tutorial, when it say to sell my tower and then place it further down, the creep isn't even in range of the tower and instead deals damage to me, resulting in a softlock.

also, on a similar note, when I try to change it's display from fullscreen to not fullscreen, the window shrinks but the hitbox of the buttons still remain as if it's full screen.


I just tried to recreate the softlock, and what in the world? This bug didn't exist when I released the game in the Spring. Dozens of people played it and had no problem. But now I'm experiencing the exact same softlock as you.

I have no idea what's happening with your windowed vs fullscreen mode, I can't recreate that at all. But I guess the game is unplayable until I have time to dig back into the game's code and re-compile everything, which I don't have time to do right now. Sorry :(


Try placing a blue tower as your first tower. It'll prompt you to build a red as your second tower, and the timing somehow lines up that way for me. I have no idea how the bug exists in the first place, but that may be a workaround.

(3 edits) (+2)

It does work when placing blue first, then upgrading range (upgrading damage results in a softlock for me)

And regarding the display problem, I removed Paint Defense from my "do not disturb" list in my avast antivirus and the windows work now (except windowed x4) turns out avast was just being annoying.

Edit: Scratch that, I think I know now, the softlock happens when you call the wave early, I tried waiting it out for it to naturally spawn and it works everytime, in any combination of color


Good game i like it. What's the next update?

Glad you like it! ☺️ The game is finished and will not be recieving any more updates.

Did you Will create new game?


I like the concept a lot, it's fun, I have only 1 gameplay criticism: lack of a fast forward. I feel like it would streamline the game a lot if one could fast forward through the opening waves (because the levels are pretty long). I would have also liked to play it on my mobile but I see that's not an option right now :(

it will probably be hard and wont be worth it in the end but i wished it was a game where you can only place where the color was so its more challenging

Will their be another update?

I'm considering this game complete unless someone finds a major bug. Thanks for playing!!


Just the right amount of juice, I love how it looks! A few things that I think could be improved:

Make the enemies more distinguishable instead of just making them bigger or smaller. When I first saw the small enemy in the circle above I thought it was the same enemy as before (the medium sized one) so I didn't prepare accordingly;

You could add a small area at the top where you can't place any tower; when you first play the game you don't know that different enemies go at different speeds. By blocking the top area the game prevents you from placing all the towers in the top row (like I did) and almost having a heart attack when all those little enemies slipped by.

The levels are quite long, it would be nice to have a sort of progress bar that tell you how many waves you still have to survive to.


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+night mode

+like sound effects

+ like the use of selling

-can be hard to mentally process all the enemies 

- could use more resolution options

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Thanks for playing!!

I'm not sure what you meant by resolution options. You can already view the game at 2x size, 3x size, 4x size, or fullscreen. What else would you want?

Will their be an online mode at some point?

What features would you look for from an online mode? This game is designed heavily around single player.

Well. Probably being able to kill creeps with a friend. 

Ah, i see.

Unfortunately multiplayer servers aren't free, and setting up online multiplayer would be an expensive multi-month process. So I can't say it'd be worth the time or money investment . Sorry!

i love it! you should make a mobile version


There is an android version for tablets, but the amount of work it would take to resize the game to a zoomed in view, add scrolling, and make everything work properly is more than would be profitable to go through with, unfortunately



Cute and brutal at the same time ahah!

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join me in my quest to game



Had a go at the game!  Good stuff!

I liked the addition of the paint ball you can click for extra paint!  I just wish it showed up more often!  xD

Fun little relaxing game!  :)


(I’m behind on the video but here you go! Also a mini review too)

I liked what I saw here, really beautiful and relaxing. Definitely reminded me of how fun these kind of games were as a kid.

There were a few issues I had which I state throughout the video but there was more positives than negatives :)

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Thanks so much for playing!!

I know you had mentioned not getting paint for each creep--that's not a bug, every other creep gives 1 paint. This is for balancing reasons so you don't get too much paint. Managing a limited number of towers is the main challenge of the game!

I'm glad you caught on so quickly! Most of my testers really struggled to beat normal and especially hard mode. However, there's 4 more levels of increasing difficulty after hard mode, so if you ever do best hard mode without jinxing yourself, you'll unlock new levels of intense challenge!!

Thanks again for playing, Cry! Great video!

Ohh understandable. 

And really? Wow, I feel special then lol. I'll try to beat Hard on my own time aha.

You're welcome. Thanks for making this game as well as the compliment of the video. :)


Very nice tower defense game. 

Here is some gameplay for those curious:


I don't usually play tower defense games but I like the concept of this one. Especially visually. The choice to stick with the three primaries (R/B/Y) on simple backgrounds so the colours can pop out when they are splattered was a nice touch.

What game engine did you make this in?

So glad you liked it! This was made in Game Maker Studio 2!

I played the game some time and I really like the idea and concept of this game. I personally like Tower defense games pretty much. It makes really fun to play but there is one problem... I would love to have an Multiplayer in this game, so my friend can play with me. (They are not very Intrestet in Solo games.) In the end its youre decision what you want to make out of youre game. So keep up the great work! (Sorry for bad Englisch)

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! :D

No problem! :)

I love tower defense games.  Haven't played one in a very long time but this was so nostalgic.  Honestly I got beat up, LOL.  I think I share the sentiment that it'd be nice if the creeps gave more paint, I have this desire to plant more turrets to get them back for taking my hearts.  But even without the extra paint, the game was very enjoyable!  I hope more tower defense fans come across this.

(2 edits)

Thank you for trying it out! I added more paint in the latest patch. 

As always with your games, it's very fun (and it can become very challenging ahah, especially in the last levels). Maybe the creeps could drop a little bit more paint? I don't know if it's a great idea to balance once more, and if it's the right way to do so though...
Adding a tutorial was a very good idea for what I can see! And the night mode also is a very appreciable addition.

I like it! Once again, congrats for this! Keep it up dude!

Glad you liked it! Thank you for the feedback! :D

No problem at all, it always is a pleasure to play your games!
By the way, would you be interested in some translations in french for your games and projects? As we say, the sooner the better :D. I would be very glad to help with that!

My projects are usually small enough that implementing alternate language systems would be cost and time prohibitive, unfortunately. Indies are often only in the creator's main language for this reason! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the game though!

Yeah sure, it's totally logic!
If one day you think about localizing, do not hesitate to contact me =)
Till then, I'll be testing and playing your games with great pleasure ;)

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Hey, thanks for giving Yurei a go. So here's my feedback:

Really like it. Clean and easy to understand. The whole color theme is well used with the slimes. The transitions are polished, UI also does a great job. Some sounds when trying to buy a tower when you don't have money would be good.

The music is great and the sound when the enemies appear is good as well. The sound when an enemy gets through and you take damage is kind weird like a glass shatter.

For starters the levels. The easy one should be made waay easier. Like, only have two towers types and one type of enemy. If you get your current easy level and break it into 3 and 4 levels with a good progression in-between that's gonna feel much better. 

Also, the tower costs don't make much sense. If the grey one hits all colors but deals less damage it should be cheaper. You could also signal damage more clearly. Like "Low-Mid-High". 

Being able to place a tower anywhere makes it difficult as well. If you went a route where each level has pre-defined spots of where towers can be placed would also make the game easier to get into. 

I liked it. I see a lot of potential and the use of color is a nice hook that opens up to new ideas. I'd recommend focusing on the design part before moving on with the game. 

Hope it helped. Keep it up!

Deleted 2 years ago

Actually, one question, because I played easy mode again and it still feels perfect to me-- by "one type of enemy" do you mean only one color, or only one size?

Yeah, I think you can break the complexity of it in 2 or 3 levels. So the player can get used to the options more gradually. 

Hm, would switching between two colors really be much easier than switching between three? You only have to pick one tower color per wave, so it seems like it would be relatively the same amount of challenge, just with one fewer menu option.

But if a lot of people asked for the color red not to be in easy mode, for example, I would definitely do it. I just need more data and opinions!

I mean game design wise you want to make it super easy to get people into your game. The first few minutes is the most crucial. So you can delude the tutorial into a series of simple levels where people will learn by playing without much effort.


Yeah, i actually ended up going in and completely revamping the tutorial, making it more interactive and walking the player through real gameplay. Good advice!

do you have a mac version mate? i cant find one

I don't have the ability to produce for mac, sorry! Apple makes it so nobody can export to Mac unless you own a mac computer. That's a thousand dollar  investment I can't afford to make.

See if wineskin is still around, it's a program that lets you emulate pc games!



here is a video of me playing your game!


I didn't watch your video on here first, so I start out looking like a total NOOB :P lol

But it was fun!  And I picked up the core mechanic quite quickly, I had no problem figuring out the way it works even tho I didn't have any instructions, so thats a good sign!

Here are some suggestions

  *  Increase the amount of paint given in a way that isn't just upping the kill value from 1 to 2.  I think maybe if some birds or something periodically flew across the screen, and you could click them (if your fast enough and watching) they would explode and you get say 10 paint.  Would be an interesting way of giving more towers to play with and keep players on there toes!

  *  Maybe make it so the map is semi random or procedural generate it.  Would mix up the play experience, but this is just a personal preference, some might like it stay consistent to develop a strategy.  Maybe Even change the map after after X many waves.

  *  A few varied SFX for when you kill a blob, even just 3 different squishy sounds would add a nice feel to killing them.

  *  Have a couple of enemies that behave differently to the blobs, I thought maybe there could be a sneaky rat (or whatever) that slowly moves towards your hearts in the top right corner and if you don't click it fast enough, it starts taking your hearts back off the screen.  There could also be some invisible enemies that you need a tower upgrade to see, and maybe one that starts building new paths for the blobs to follow, making you need to scramble to sell and replace your towers to survive.

  *  Since it is paint defense, add some more colors slowly through out the game!  It would be fun to see the screen covered in multicolored paint as the levels go on!

Hope this feedback helped!  If you need me to clarify or play it again in the next patch, just ask!

Thanks so much for your feedback on Roopit and Boopit!  It helps a lot!  :D

Thank you so much for the detailed response and creative ideas. This is so valuable to me!


Your most welcome, I actually enjoy coming up with ideas for other people games xD

Add me on discord if you want to talk about it in more detail!



Hi its me Keksi. My english is not that great but I will try to give you the best feedback I can do. 

First of all, I really like it. I really like the artstyle and how the game feels.
I quickly found out the best way to get through the waves is by deleting every turret after each round and place new ones with the colour I need to defense in this round. That gives it a pretty high difficulty mostly because you can't stop between the waves and prepare. A stop button or key would be really helpful I think. 

I don't have to say that much beside the difficulty. Most things who miss in the game right now you know already. Tutorial, more tracks, menu etc. So far I really enjoy the game and look forward to new updates :) 

My Discord if you need more feedback or else. I have too much time while the virus is around lol. Keksi#4669


Thank you so much for the feedback! I will be in touch when I have updates for you to try out! :) 


If you got a lot of time to kill, come playtest my game while your at it mate!  xD

Do you have any games your working on atm?